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We believe in providing top-notch Nottingham SEO services that actually works!  Whether you are looking for GMB SEO, Organic, or Web Design no task too big or small!

Needing Nottingham SEO? or online marketing?  Sick of being overcharged or ripped off!  Paying large sums with little to no return?  It’s time to hire Robert Hood SEO!

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As business owners ourselves we have spent too much time and invested in way too many Nottingham SEO companies!  With little to no return.  Which is why Robert Hood SEO was born!

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Simple Solutions To Fix Your Marketing Problems!


Our organic SEO will really boost your website and get the exposure your company deserves!

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We can boost your maps listings!  Be found on mobile devices, desktops, and tablets with our GMB SEO.

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Helping you gain honest reviews. 

In todays world, more people are looking at reputation before deciding to hire you.  We have helped businesses in Nottingham including one obtain over 400 Google reviews which has helped convert his inquiries into paying customers!

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By hiring Robert Hood SEO you will increase exposure, rankings, and revenue!

Clients/customers are searching, but will it be you that they find?  With our Nottingham SEO services you will be found!

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Monitoring Your Business

Search Console & Your Business! Nottingham SEO

Webmaster Tools AKA Search Console has become extremely popular over the past few years. Because search console allows webmasters to check their websites on a regular basis and fix errors that could otherwise prevent your website from being indexed. Using the software and a simple understanding of how it works can enable you to catch any errors that might have been missed by someone else.

Once you have done all of the above, the next stage in the process of search engine optimization is to promote your website

Web Design

Our website design services only offer responsive web design (works on mobile, tablet, and desktop computers).  Completely optimized and focused on increasing conversion.


Audit & Keyword Research

We research the market including search volume, demographics (people looking for your product or service), and competition analysis.  This helps ensure you will get the right exposure!



Have you ever noticed the three businesses with a map?  That is GMB and we can get you showing up in the 3-pack which is one tool that no local business can afford to ignore!

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Our SEO in Nottingham UK allows you to improve your website, increase your conversions, and have a nice and organized website. SEO includes everything from website promotion, GMB SEO, keyword optimization, content creation, website management, and more!

Nottingham search engine optimization is an activity that can be essential to any website. But where exactly does one begin? Is there a way to start? With the correct understanding of the process of search engine optimization, you can generate massive traffic to your website.


One of the most important factors to consider is how your website is going to look once you have it set up. Here, you will need to focus on the content of your website to ensure that people are able to easily find what they are looking for. If you are unable to achieve this, people are not going to find what they are looking for.

On your website you will also need to ensure that it is properly structured. If not, it’s not going to be easy for people to find what they are looking for. It will also be difficult for them to be able to find information that you have provided. The only way to achieve this is by ensuring that the website is properly structured.

Nottingham SEO

Nottingham SEO Title, H tags, & Descriptions

Make sure that you use the proper title tags to ensure that your content is found in the search engines. On top of this, you should also include a meta description for a more detailed description of your website.

Search engine optimization will not be possible without the proper tools. After you have set up the appropriate system, you should be able to discover where you need to improve on the basis of this system. With proper optimization, you will be able to generate traffic and business!

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